Travel Essentials You Need for Every Flight


Summer is slowly coming to an end, and with Labor Day a little over a week away now is the perfect time to grab a flight and head on a last minute Summer vacation. We are in the process of planning a small getaway, and that got to me thinking about my in-flight essentials and what I like to have in my carry-on. I will admit; I can be an over-packer, and with this trip, I am trying my best to only bring what is needed (let's hope for the best).

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Carry-on bag - Because nothing is worse than your bag breaking during your travels; a durable carry-on is a must. I chose this inexpensive canvas bag from L.L. Bean that will also act as my beach bag. It’s a two-for-one that will save you on both space and money!

Pillow/Blanket Combo - Flights aren't luxurious like they used to be so I've opted to make my in-flight experience the best I can. As someone who is always cold and will definitely need a blanket while on the flight, this pillow/blanket combo from is perfect for keeping me warm and comfortable. 


Reading materials - Self explanatory with both my iPad, the latest issue of a magazine, and a good book. I highly recommend Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth; this is one of the best motivational and inspiring books that I continue to read over and over - a must read even when not traveling! 

Journal - Journaling while traveling is one of my favorite things to do; it's the best time to reflect and get inspired by new surroundings. I tend to start my journal while on the flight with my intentions for the trip and what I'd like to get out of it in terms of inspiration and growth. 

Moisturizer - Flights tend to dry out your skin (especially when traveling to warmer climates) so, I carry [a good] moisturizer at all times when traveling. This Kiehl's Hand Salve is my go-to moisturizer when on the go and when traveling. Of course, cleanse your hands before applying - I like to use Wet One's antibacterial wipes vs. the standard antibacterial gel. Also, a good moisturizing sunscreen is always needed. Neutrogena Sensitive Skin sunscreen is one of the best sunscreens I've used, especially if you have sensitive skin. 

Snacks - Of course MY FAVORITE, but I still have to keep it healthy. I don't like the salty peanuts or over-priced snacks most airlines offer so, I tend to bring my own. These Trader Joe's Coconut Chips are my new favorite snack - crunchy and sweet are one of my favorite combinations, and the coconut flavor will get you ready for the tropical weather!

Camera - Self explanatory.  Be sure to carry a good camera when on vacation to capture all of your memories!

I'm ready to take flight once I actually book this trip; side eye!

*This post was updated from the original on August 25, 2016