[Travel in Style to #LongBranch]: Birthday Edition


It's crazy how fast the year has flown by and that we are practically in August. Time waits for no one and as my birthday quickly approached, everyone asked what my plans were. My response was consistent with; "NOTHING! I just want to be on the beach," and little did I know my parents were planning a little birthday/anniversary surprise for my partner and I. We got the message early Saturday morning that we'd be spending time at one of our favorite beaches in Long Branch along with an overnight stay at the only beach resort in NJ! I couldn't contain my excitement!! The short time we spent at the Ocean Place Resort & Spa was perfect; from the beach to the pool and all the food we ate, we literally felt like we were somewhere besides NJ. I can't wait to go back, but thankfully I got some good shots to remind me of the fun we had. Happy Summer, I hope you guys are living it up!


I've always wanted to watch the sunrise, and I finally got the chance to! I woke up at 5:30 am to catch this moment and gives thanks for this blessing and another year of life. 


Oh, Hey! 😍


Happy Birthday to me! and Happy Anniversary to us!