Vintage Calvin Klein Coat + Distressed Denim


Coat // Vintage Calvin Klein (Similar) -- L/S T-Shirt // H&M -- Denim // [Customized] H&M (Get these) -- Boots // Dr. Martens -- Rings // H&M (Love these and these)

Is that Spring we're feeling? I think so! Lord, I can't wait for warmer weather because I'm totally over the cold. Even though I love to layer, I'm ready to shed some of them and enjoy the days outdoors. 

If you remember, a while back I mentioned this coat had an interesting story that I wanted to share; well here's the story behind this vintage Calvin Klein piece. My parents had an elderly friend whose wife passed away many years ago, known as the fashion 'it' lady of the town, and had a number of garments that were said to be vintage designer pieces; once I heard that I told my mom she had to go and scope it out for me, and she did! Now, I'm not one to wear or want women's pieces, but if they're a vintage designer, I hear achieve—something I'll hold on to, just to have. So, she returned with a few items and the only thing that stood out to me was this coat. The fabric and construction are of high quality that you don't see today; it initially didn't fit, and after bringing it to three different tailors (no one knew how to work with the fabric), I finally found one who fit it as best he could to my body. I don't wear it often anymore because I'm afraid of damaging it or losing it, but I thought it was the perfect coat to add a touch of sophistication to this punk-esk look. The denim jeans I distressed myself from a pair of old H&M jeans I had, and I paired them with a basic long sleeve t-shirt and Dr. Martens combat boots. So, there you have it, the story behind one of my favorite pieces.


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