Visionary Journal

I've been keeping a journal since I was a child and have found it to not only be therapeutic but a great way of keeping a detailed list of my goals. When you write down your goals, you are more likely to achieve them.

Since 2016 is right around the corner, I've been thinking about my goals and what I wanted to achieve for the year. Having a simple goal list wasn't enough for me this time, so I searched for a journal that was geared towards goal setting. There aren't many out there, but once you find this Visionary Journal you won't need anything else. Monique, a visionary who believes in helping others set bigger goals and stay accountable towards their dreams, created this journal for visionaries like us! And let me say, she created a gem!


The journal itself is a goal management system and planner; it is designed to allow you to create six main focus areas with two goals for each (totaling 12 goals), create a 90-day action plan that breaks down to monthly and weekly task to push you forward in achieving your goals. My favorite feature is the ability to create mini vision boards; six for focus areas, and additional for 'Lifetime Goals' and 'My Vision of Success'. No detail for planning a year of success was left out. The journal also features two-page monthly views that breakdown to weekly views (Sunday-Saturday).

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I can't believe how excited I am to take on my goals and conquer this list. There's something about seeing your goals and action steps, along with your vision in one detailed book to encourage you and get you ready for success! Get your goals, vision, and action steps ready and grab you a Visionary Journal for $55!



What you get:

  • Two-Page Monthly Views (Not Dated)

  • Sunday- Saturday Weekly Layouts (Not Dated)

  • Daily Scheduling Section From 6 am- 11 pm

  • 3 Tabbed Sections (Goal, Vision, Plan)

  • 12 Goal Planning Pages

  • 4 Quarterly Action Plan Pages

  • Mini Vision Board Section

  • Bookmark/ White Board For Extra Planning

  • Flexible Translucent Cover

  • The overall book is 7.25" X 9.75"


A detailed look at what the Visionary Journal offers and how it works.