How to Wake Up Feeling Happy, Inspired, and Productive


For the past few weeks, I've been waking up uneasy, and I haven't been able to pinpoint why, so I decided to change my routine so I can wake up happier, more inspired, and ready to take on my day. I'm generally up by 6 a.m. and begin the day with prayer/journaling, and coffee while watching the news and doing some blog work. What I noticed is; starting my day with the news is counterproductive and slightly negative because well, the news is negative. Instead of watching the news, I started listening to podcasts and watching inspirational, informative interviews. Also, I end my night by preparing for the next day, so I'm not scrambling around in the morning to get things done. As someone who struggles with anxiety, I try to do things that minimize it, and it begins with preparation and planning. Aside from the above aforementioned, there are steps you can take to wake up happier, more inspired, and be more productive in the morning; below are six tips to help you do so. 

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Turn off social media

Get past the FOMO because it's killing your productivity. Social media has a way of sucking us in, we say we're going to look at Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter for just five minutes, and an hour later, we're still looking. Give yourself a social media time limit; it sounds dramatic, but it works. Avoid it at least one hour before bed and at least two hours after waking up; fill this 'free' time with things that make you happy like reading, painting, or journaling. Aside from not checking social media, try not to check your phone or emails (unless that's a part of your morning work routine). You'll begin to notice how much technology and social media can have a negative effect on your well-being, mind, and energy. 

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Go to bed earlier

Losing sleep will inevitably make you grumpier, have less energy, and be less productive. Getting to bed early ensures you'll have a well rested night, so you can wake up more alert and ready to take on your day. Set your schedule so that you can get to bed and wake up at a consistent time daily, and avoid your snooze button; this will have you making up more tired than if you'd woken up at your set time. 

Organized room

In order to have an organized mind, you have to have an organized space. Having a clean space allows for positive energy to flow and allows the room to be more peaceful and welcoming. Try to keep your bedroom free of clutter; clutter is a distraction, and when you're looking for something, more times than not, you're wasting time trying to find it among the clutter, especially in the mornings when time is limited. 


Prepare the night before

Aside from organization, preparation is essential. How many times have you spent searching for your keys, phone, or work notes in the morning because you forgot where you put them the night before? Imagine the time and energy you would save if you took ten minutes each night to prepare everything the night before. Preparation will leave you with fewer worries, more energy, and much happier.


We've talked about journaling a few times here on the site, and I'm sure we will continue to talk about it because it should be a vital part of your daily routine. Keeping a gratitude journal will single-handedly change how you perceive everything around you. Though this doesn't happen overnight, if you stay consistent, you will begin to notice a shift in your happiness and what inspires you. Read more about journaling and how successful people use daily mantras here

Read/Watch/Listen to inspiration

As I mentioned above, I'm avoiding the news in the morning and replacing it with inspiration from podcasts to information interviews. Journaling combined with this has allowed me to start my day on a more positive step. Try starting your day reading one inspirational quote or chapter in a book; you'll begin to notice how a little inspiration and motivation can help get your mind buzzing and revved up to tackle the day.


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