What Does Your Outfit Really Say About You



During my two weeks away from the office, I decided to clean out my closet (again). While doing it, I thought to myself; "what does my wardrobe say about me? Does it match the vision I have for my life and career?" Going piece-by-piece, I put things into a yes and no pile and quickly realized there was more in my no pile than I anticipated. Now, that doesn't mean I'm going to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe, but going forward, I will make a conscious effort to buy pieces that support this vision as well as, fit into the pieces I currently own.

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More than we would like to admit, what we wear tells people who we are and who we aren't, and choosing the right pieces to wear at the right moments can tell our story before we even speak. Style is a form of expression whether we intend it to be or not, and looks we don't deliberately put thought into, send out a message; but what exactly is it saying about you? Let's look at a few things it can say.

Color story

Black is one of the most popular colors, and if you're in the tri-state area, it's a staple. But if you're in head-to-toe black daily, most will question if you're okay because it doesn't give off a positive vibe. While blue or navy communicates authority and activates thought, and yellow is the color of cheer, happiness, and sunshine, so think about what emotions you want to communicate as you approach your day because each color can influence your mood and the energy around you.


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A lot of it is based in stereotype, but what you wear can say a lot about what type of profession you're in, and can often determine if you get the job or not. I remember when I was interviewing with different fashion companies last year, and researching the brand's identity to ensure I showed up 'looking the part.' I've talked with many recruiters and hiring managers throughout my years in the business, and have told them; I will not wear a suit to an interview or meeting because I associate suits with Wall Street, law, and boring desk jobs, and as someone in fashion who studies style, I need the opportunity to show my personality through what I wear. Does what you wear on a daily match your current profession or the one you're working to achieve?



Have you ever noticed how obsessed people are with labels? It's because labels once showed a sign of status and wealth, but today, labels are more accessible to the masses. However, names like Gucci, Fendi, Versace, and newcomers like Off-White carry weight, so many people gravitate towards these labels to show a sign of status amongst their peers. Now let's be clear, just because you're in head-to-toe designer doesn't mean your wealthy or have rank but to the untrained eye, it can create a level of status.

Naturally, many of us wear what's comfortable, what's appropriate for work, and how we're feeling in the morning, but what if you consciously chose the message you wanted to send to the world and reflected that through your style? What story would you tell? Today, I challenge you to make your clothing speak to you and speak for you, not to impress anyone but yourself. Continue to Live Your Life in Style and always Be Inspired.