What to Know About Adapalene Gel and Emollient Foam


New Year, New Skin; that's my motto going into 2017 and with the help of my dermatologist, I'm hoping I can achieve the skin care goals I have. I've made it no secret that I battle with problematic, sensitive skin and while I've found help with systems like Bevel and maintaining a daily skin care routine, there are areas that still need help so, I called up my dermatologist. Acne has never been my problem; it's always been razor irritation, and while I've tried laser hair removal, it hasn't helped. So, my doctor recommended I use a prescribed combination of Adapalene Gel and Emollient Foam. 

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Adapalene Gel is a retinoid designed to treat acne that works by stopping it from forming under the surface of the skin. It helps reduce inflammation and redness that is caused by acne; my dermatologist, Dr. Dina Stratchan, MD of Aglow Dermatology says, "Adapalene Gel can be used to treat razor irritation because it exfoliates both the skin surface and around the follicles; this results in less of a chance of the hairs getting caught in the skin and growing inward." Adapalene Gel can also decrease the size of razor bumps and eliminate any dark marks caused by bumps and irritation. 


HPR Plus Emollient Foam is a medicated moisturizer that is used to moisten and soften the skin. It contains substances that decrease itching and dry flaking skin by forming an oily layer on top of the skin to trap in water. Dr. Stratchan says, "this combined with Adapalene Gel helps to unclog your pose and create a clean layer for hair follicles to grow outward. Combining the two can help eliminate and prevent razor bumps and irritation."

I've been using the combination for a little over three weeks, and I've seen vast improvements in my skin. I no longer have the itching, burning sensation after saving and the redness I encounter after each shave is eliminated much quicker. This combined with a proper shave system and a daily cleansing routine, will have you reaching your skin care goals right along with me. 

**Consult your doctor before trying any new products. This is not a sponsored post.


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