What to Wear to a Concert (The Formation Tour)


Printed Woven // Forever 21 -- Distressed Shorts // Forever 21 -- Tank // American Apparel -- Sandal // ASOS -- Cap // Zara

Deciding what to wear to a concert can be tricky. You want to look stylish and fun, but also want to be comfortable; especially if you're going to a show to party. Today I'm heading to The Formation Tour (screaming inside), and I honestly couldn't decide what to wear. I knew I wanted to wear something comfortable and light-weight seeing I'd be outside for hours in the city heat. So, I decided to wear these distressed denim shorts, a tank, and s/s woven; I'm extremely comfortable and able to take off the layers if I get too hot. Disclaimer: at the very last minute I changed my slides for sneakers. 

If you guys are heading to a concert here are a few things you should and shouldn't wear:

To wear:
Layers (take into consideration season and if the show is indoors or outdoors)
Comfortable denim
Vintage concert t-shirt

Not to wear:
Heavy coats

So, the show has happened and it's the next day and there are no words to describe the experience. The show was beyond amazing and if you have the opportunity to see Beyoncé live, DO IT! Send me a comment on Instagram and let me know what you're wearing to a concert and if you have the Beyoncé experience.