What to Wear When You Have Nothing to Wear


How many times have you sat in your full closet and said: "I have nothing to wear?" We've all said it and probably say it daily. After snoozing five alarms and rushing to shower, you're now faced with the task of finding something in a matter of minutes; my anxiety is building just thinking about it. But there are ways to minimize this frustration and it starts with planning. 

Self-explanatory, but in the midst of panic it's probably forgotten but check the weather. Nothing is worse than heading out in a full look that's not weather appropriate; suede and rain do not mix just like a heatwave and leather don't. 

Check Your Calendar
This seems obvious and self-explanatory as well but also forgotten in the chaos of the morning rush;  it's important to know where you're going and what you're doing before you head out. Who wants to rush to the office just to realize you're in gym clothes - trust me it's happened. 


Work Life
Corporate dressing has never been my thing, mainly because I don't like wearing suits, so I couldn't see myself wearing one daily. I've always been a "rebel" when it came to dressing for the office, but if that's your thing keep it basic but have fun too. Buy the essential black, grey, and navy suits - remix it with different colors, prints, and textures of wovens and sweaters to wear under. If you want a simple approach, a crisp white woven and brogues will do the trick.


Not So Work Life
If you have a very relaxed office, but still need to be business casual this is where you can have some fun. Lean towards a preppy All-American look with a woven and sweater combo and pair it with an athletic sneaker or smoking slipper for a modern casual look. 


The weekend is when people let go of all the rules and steer too casual into the fail zone. I'm not a fan of sweatpants; it can read careless if it's not done properly, so opt for a fitted t-shirt, fitted jeans as the foundation, and depending on the weather, layer on a jacket or fitted sweater. 


Date Night
Somewhere in between your casual work wear and weekend wear is where you're date night wear should be. Your best option is to keep the look monochromatic, preferably in black. Grab a fitted white or black t-shirt, skinny jeans, boot, and killer jacket and you're ready for date night. 


Back to Basics
Rushing in the early am is not the time to be daring with your look unless you're a creative person, and it comes naturally. Build a wardrobe that based on foundation pieces so you can keep it simple with classics in neutrals when you're in a pinch.