Why You're Worth it



I'm sitting here staring at my computer screen wondering if I should write a post about self-worth because I, like many, still struggle with the idea of it. Not in the sense of not loving my self, but do I deserve the life and career that I'm working to have. It's a constant question that replays in my mind like a tired old record, even when I know the answer is yes

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Too often we get stuck in our heads comparing ourselves and our journeys to other people to the point that we lose ourselves in the matrix and begin to question everything. But I'm here to tell you; you owe it to yourself to decide you're worth it! The mystery of self-worth began as I started to [really] dig deep during my break; I wanted to understand why so many of us struggle with it because I was done repeating the same outcome within different situations. I was tired of feeling stuck and unfulfilled in a daily life that I was/am working to change, but the truth is, everyone's journey to self-worth is different, but once you recognize the truth about who you [really] are and what your value is, you're life will change


Each one of us carries a gift, a strength, experience, and talent that is like no one else, yet we're walking around thinking we need to fit within a box when in reality, we're meant to live a [fulfilled] life that's filled with happiness and love. But like Ru Paul says; "if you can't love yourself, how in the hell can you love anyone else?" If you don't believe you're worthy enough to live the life you want, how do you expect the Universe and others to believe you are? It starts with you. 

And because it starts with you, I encourage you to take back ownership of your self-worth. Stop allowing outside voices—social media, friends, your inner saboteur—control how you feel about yourself. You're in control of how you see you, and you can change that when you're ready too. You can do this by recognizing and celebrating who you are and what you've already accomplished, especially the small wins. Embrace it all and express gratitude. The more you express gratitude and become self-aware, the more you can lean into who you are and maximize it. 


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We are all human and will fall short from time-to-time, and that's okay. But once you become self-aware, you will understand your strengths and weakness and will realize they don't determine your self-worth. They instead give you your uniqueness; use it to empower who you currently are as you work towards who you want to become. And know today, at this moment, self-worth is available to you, it's just a matter of believing that your life is worth more than you can imagine. So, stop playing it small, get out there and know you're worthy of having everything you want. Continue to Live Your Life in Style and always Be Inspired


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