Wide Striped Trousers + Solid Polo


Polo // ASOS -- Trousers // ASOS -- Sneakers // Converse


Polo // ASOS -- Trousers // ASOS -- Sneakers // Converse

Last week social media was buzzing because it was Men's Fashion Week (NYFW: M), and since it's launch in 2015, I've attended, but I decided to sit out this season and skip the shows. I've attended fashion week since 2006—my first show was Baby Phat—and as the seasons continue to pass and it continues to buzz on social, my love for the bright lite runways is dimming. I can't pinpoint why, but when I attend the shows my question is, "why am I here?" It's not imposter's syndrome or feeling like I don't deserve to be there, but I'm not covering the shows for publication, I'm not pulling looks for a styling job, and I'm not a Buyer for any of the boutiques or department stores, so again, why am I here? Yes, as a blogger attending these shows you build relationships with other bloggers, brands, and designers, but I'm a believer that this can and should be done outside of events. I'm not going to lie, I had [major] FOMO this week, but I continued to remind myself that attending fashion week is a luxury and a small part of the work I want to do. So, this week I focused on just that—the work.

The look I'm featuring this week is one I pulled to wear during NYFW: M. I've been on the hunt for a striped pant, and I [finally] found them from ASOS. Stripes aren't new to menswear, but they're making a [huge] impact and will continue throughout 2018. Because the weather this week was brutally hot, I rocked them with a pique lightweight polo and high top sneakers. I'll be packing these pants for my trip to Italy next week, and this week I filmed a video showing you what I'm packing for my flight—watch it here


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